Easy Capital Gains Tax Calculator



Welcome to the Capital Gains Tax site, to assist you complete your Capital Gains Tax calculation, Features include

Easy Template Format
Easy listing of all costs to include in the cost base
Listing of all allowable deductions
PDF can emailed or printed to include in the Tax submission

Capital Gains Tax APP

Have you been asking yourself, how do I calculate capital gains tax? 

This capital gains tax (CGT) calculation is the most accurate calculator for all types of assets, shares, real estate, main residence and investment property

It calculates the gain or loss to be included in your Australian tax assessment in a easy to use CAPITAL GAINS TAX CALCULATION TEMPLATE. 
- The first APP of its kind relating to CGT
- Detailing information that is not  available on in the ATO tax booklet.
- The Allowable deductible expenses are listed, you need not guess 
- The allowable deductions depending on if you use the property as your main residence or investment property
- The allowable deductions depending on type of asset i.e. Shares, property, investment and date of purchase.
A few reviews from the APP Store

This tool makes a very complex calculation look easy, I wish someone had thought of this years ago, it could have saved me hours of paper , never mind thousands of accountant fees, this app also allows you to pose various ''what if'' scenarios so you can work out what different costs will do to your bottom line, A must have for anyone selling, purchasing or renovating.


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